Mr. and Mrs. Santa Faces from Bleach Bottles

Thanks to our friend, June, for the Mr. Santa instructions. The photos are from a Mr. and Mrs. Santa that I picked up at a second hand store. The instructions for the Mrs. Santa are not as extensive since I have just given a description of how the one I have was put together. But it is hoped that with both instructions, you will be able to accomplish them by combining some of the instuctions from the two. The photo of the Santa does not exactly fit the instructions with the facial features, but you can always be creative.

Mr. Santa's Face


3 skeins white rug yarn;

1 pair of moveable eyes;

20 pipe cleaners;

1 piece red felt;

1 piece flesh colored felt;

1 each red and white pom pon ball (1").

1 gallon bleach bottle,

firm corrugated cardboard, tape measure.


1. Cut gallon jug in half at seam line (handle and all).

2. Punch 38 holes in jug at area around indentation (middle of jug), using ice pick, hole punch, drill, etc. See diagram below.

3. Cut red felt into 2 pieces measuring 9" x 14 1/2". Cut 2 triangles (per diagram) from the red felt for the hat. Stitch together using 1/4 " seam. Invert and glue hat to jug. Save extra felt for the mouth and cheeks.

4. Attach the flesh colored felt for the face on the front of the jug with glue. Be careful not to cover the punched-out holes. Trim if necessary.

5. Cut out 1 piece of red felt to the size of a 25 cent coin for the mouth and 2 pieces of red felt, the size of a small walnut for the cheeks. Set aside.

6. Cut pipe cleaners in half.

Cut 1 piece each firm corrugated cardboard the following sizes: 3" x 4"; 6" x 4"; 8" x 4"; 10" x 4"; 12" x 4"; 14" x 4"; 16" x 4".

Wind yarn around cardboard 20 times (20 complete winds). Remove yarn from cardboard. Place a pipe cleaner around the center of the yarn, to make a bow, and twist it together all of the way.

Do this on each size of cardboard to make: 14 pieces 3"; 4 pieces 6"; 4 pieces 8"; 4 pieces 10"; 4 pieces 12"; 4 pieces 14"; 4 pieces 16". Make one additional 8" piece to be used for the mustache.

Insert wound yarn bows through the holes in the jug in the manner below. Once inserted through the jug, bend the pipe cleaner from inside the jug to hold it in place.

Punch a hole slightly below the center of the felt colored face. Insert an 8" yarn bow for Santa's mustache. Glue the nose (red pom pon), eyes, cheeks, and mouth in place. Glue a white pom pon on the tip of Santa's cap.


Mrs. Santa's Face

Here is how I see she was put together:

I am sure the bottle must be cut like the Mr. Santa. There is a plastic mesh about an inch and a half high and about 7-8 inches long. It comes across the open back of the bottle and is glued to the sides inside the bleach bottle about 6 inches up from the base. It has a looped pipe cleaner pulled through the mesh secured on the inside. After the red flannel backing is glued on, a hole is cut in it and the pipe cleaner comes out as a loop for hanging. On the front of the bottle, there is pink felt glued from the top to the bottom of the front of the bleach bottle (at least 8 inches tall). There is a "hat" that looks like a circle of red flannel gathered up and glued around the top (at least 12 inches in diameter). The bottom of the bottle has red flannel glued on it and there is red flannel glued all around the back and over the gathers of the hat. Then there is her hair...which is white rug yarn of about 24 inch long loops (about 25 loops-uncut) They are tied off in the middle for the top of her hair and again at the top side of the jug for her temples and then again about 2 inches up from the bottom on each side.

Above the hair is a row of 7 red and white regular yarn pom pons glued on between the hair and the "hat". There is a holly leaf decoration glued to one side on the pom pons. There are white felt eye brows (about 1 1/2" long)....white, blue and black felt eyes (about 3/4 inches tall and 1 inch across...progressively smaller slightly, bottom is rounded) round felt cheeks right under the eyes(about 1 1/4 inches)....a red oval small felt nose between cheeks and a small red curved felt lips below to complete the face. Wire is curved to make her glasses. At the bottom of the face is a collar of gathered red cotton fabric cut with pinking sheers on the bottom. The top is folded over and then gathered to fit in an upward curve. The length is approximately 28 inches. There is another decoration on the collar on the opposite side from the one on the pom pons.

Hope this is somewhat helpful.... ;o)

Juelie, the Santalady


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