Brandy Snifter~Santa Candy Jar Pattern

Thanks to our friend Tammie ( for this illustration and instructions.

candy dish So you are searching for the pattern to the Santa Candy Jar made with large size brandy snifter.

Line up your supplies -- plastic eyes, eyelash fun yarn, green, red and black felt squares, Styrofoam glue, pearls, jingle bells, holly leaves and what not.

Use felt for hat, jacket & belt. If you feel adventurous, you can make arms with pipe cleaners covered with felt and green gloves plastic eyes from the craft store are a nice touch and cut out circles of red for rosy cheeks. I used a 3-3/4c. brandy snifter, and Styrofoam ball about as big as a softball. Use Styrofoam glue, as anything else may fail to stick. Use black holly leaf felt cutouts for the rim around bottom of glass and embellish with pearls, jingle bells or whatever you wish. Don't forget to use a wooden thin stick about 6" long or so to attach to Santa's head with some glue. Create a red and green scarf from felt. For the fur band around his hat, white eyelash fun yarn with sparkles are a nice touch. You can inset holly berry leaves in his hat and wherever. Don't forget a nice gold buckle on his belt(can be done with gold glitter. Once all that's accomplished, fill your sparkling clean brandy glass with red and white starlight mints or any sugar free candies. Next insert the stick into the candies-stand back and admire your handiwork. And oh yes, don't forget to put a felt smile on Santa. Some white cotton eyebrows would be good and a nice fluffy beard. From me to you all, MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR! PEACE JOY AND LOVE TO ALL MANKIND...HOLLY ROSE


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